Friday, May 8, 2015

Crazy Thing Called Life

     Hello everyone!

     It's good to be back. I have a feeling this will be a long post, and unfortunately no pretty pictures.

     As you've all noticed, I have been gone for quite some time. Not intentionally mind you. It's just that sometimes life gets in the way. 

     Life in the apartment has it's challenges. For one, I didn't think I would miss having real internet access this much. But boy, does it make things difficult. I've also been busy working, working, working. This is the first time in my life that I've had a 40 hour week job, and I love it! I'm currently working at Sports Authority (not the type of place you'd picture me in, eh?) and I love my co-workers and my job so it's been great. I will be starting another part-time summer job in a few weeks too at our famous tourist attraction: The Glenwood Springs Caverns Adventure Park. I work at an old time photo booth there, owned by a friend. I also got hired at a local's favorite restaurant, but ended up turning down the position after realizing how little time I have already. Life!

     I've also been working on a fun project with a dear friend (more info to be released soon) called "Bloom".  It's been very time consuming, and taken a lot of brain power, but I feel like the ball is officially rolling now and everything is falling in to place.

     I've been out with friends. A lot. Every free chance I get I'm usually on a coffee date or out walking or grabbing dinner with someone. It's been a really great time for me to build relationships and to spend quality time with quality women in my life.

     Another stressful but fun thing that's been going on is prepping for birthdays, Mother's Day, and thinking about wedding gifts for friends and family. A good family friend and I share the same birthday, and I will be away, so I've been having fun browsing the  local shops and coming up with some fun ideas for her. It's a little sad that we won't be able to celebrate on our day this year. It's become a sort of tradition; one we began long before they moved to China, and one we've continued since they moved back. 

     Amidst all this stuff that is life, we've also been getting ready for two vacations (one literally right after the other). Tomorrow, we're leaving for Moab for a Mother's Day trip with the in-laws. They go every year with the boys, but this is the first year my mom hasn't been here for the big day, so I'm going too. I'm eager to get out of town for a bit and not stress anymore. We'll be getting home from Moab on Sunday, and I go straight to work that afternoon to close. Then two days later the hubby and I, my brother-in-law, and the friend are hitting the road for California for eleven days! Beach for my birthday, here I come! We're going for my cousin's wedding, but we'll be there over my birthday too. I can't wait to get away. Now that it's closer, the stress seems to have melted away and I feel nothing but excitement. 

     So as you can see, life has been a little crazy (and here I thought May would be a little quieter than April was). But it makes for a blog post once I can actually sit down and write! I plan on writing at least a few times in California since I will have endless internet and my favorite photo taking spots at my disposal. 

    Until next time, my lovelies!