Saturday, March 14, 2015

My Husband Is Cooler Than Your Husband

     My husband has always felt like he wasn't the "creative" type. He's an extreme perfectionist, and if he tries to make something and it's not perfect on the first try he will give it up. Or get mad. Or throw it away....

     Recently, he's discovered his love for making wallet chains, chainmaille, and creating with leather. He's a man with very expensive taste (he may or may not have bought a custom wallet made just for him and spent a pretty penny on it). So of course, I should have known that he would pick hobbies that 1. have expensive materials and 2. could create expensive products. 

     Chainmaille is a time consuming, slow process, that I personally have zero patience for. This has been a perfect project for his busy mind because it gives him something to focus on and he gets lost in a project like this for hours.

     He claims that he can't draw either, but he is way better at using something as inspiration/reference and rolling with it in his own way. I am better at copying something exactly the way it is.

     The first step in his leather process is to draw the image out, and then trace it with wax paper. He then uses the wax paper as a template to transfer the design to the leather.

     Here he is surrounded by his creative disaster. He's also quite messy when he makes things. Organized, but messy.

      This piece was a drawing he drew up for a potential tattoo idea, and he ended up using part of it on the leather.

     This was his first finished piece, and he literally was just winging it when he started. I don't have the eye like he does for the shading and what not. It's completely rad if you ask me. But, I may be a little biased. 

     This is his current piece. His work in progress. And it's going to be sweet. But, again, I might be biased.

     And finally, this is my sad, rushed attempt at making a feather on leather. I think I'll leave the leather working to the Husband.

     If you're interested in chatting with him about wallet chains, chainmaille, or leather, you can contact him here!

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  1. That is some great work Cory. He is far cooler than my husband Tessa :)