Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Winter: Just In Time For Spring

      Coming home from California, I expected to come home to snow. I was grateful to return home to a warm Colorado winter, but as time went on I began to miss the wintery wonderland that is home. I kept hearing "There's snow in the forecast this weekend!" or "We're supposed to get snow tonight!". Yeah right. 

     Just when I was giving up hope, the temperatures were starting to climb, and flowers were starting to bloom, I should have known that Colorado would be throwing me a curve ball. And just in time for spring!

     My town is a magical place in the winter. I am happy that this is home for right now. Here's the view from my street on the one cold, snowy day since I've been back.

     Our house looks awfully charming covered in snow. Our apartment is the window by the table.

     The view from our front porch. Our house isn't the only crooked one on the street apparently.

     This is looking directly across the street from our front porch. I love being surrounded by big trees and the mountains.

     Here's to appreciating the things I undervalued in the past. Every year seems to be different. I either love it or hate it, and this year, I am grateful for this Colorado Wonderland.

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  1. Another way we differ. ;) I was just starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel with spring around the corner, and then... ugh, haha. But I need to be like you and try to have a more positive outlook!