Monday, February 9, 2015

California Dreaming

     My time in California came to an end faster than I anticipated. My guys came out for my final week and we got to explore the area, hang out with my family, and make memories that we'll remember forever. Enjoy some pictures from our adventure in beautiful, Southern California.

     My sister and I accidentally stumbled upon this beautiful sight when we missed a turn for the freeway and ended up taking a back road to Diamond Bar. Turns out, there is a park at the top of the hill with a view that can't be beat. I've never seen the hills this green in all the years I've been going to California. So of course, we had to take the boys to show off the splendor. We hiked to the top of the path at the park, and the guys threw around the new boomerang (a unique find from our trip to the Pomona Antique Mall the day before).

     If you're looking for something fun and free to do, especially with kids, check out the California Science Center. Plan to spend a good chunk of your day here, because it is a massive place with interactive areas, a simulated earthquake room, an aquarium, and it's also the final resting place of the Endeavor.

     The colors in Venice Beach spoke to me. It's slightly grungy, but a whole lot of gorgeous. 

     And the view. I mean, come on. The Santa Monica Pier off in the distance.

     Two out of the three had never been to the ocean before. It was the best watching them take in a place I love so much.


     The sunset just gets me every time. Nothing is equal to that sight.
     We had dinner at a local, delicious burger joint on the Pier.

     The boys wanted to have the full beach experience (boogie boarding, swimming, "tanning") so we went to Huntington Beach the next day. My hillbilly beach boys.

Photo by Mikayla

      The waves were huge at Huntington that day, and the boys embraced their inner mermen.

Photo by Mikayla. Catalina Island off in the distance.

Photo by Mikayla

Candids by Levi

Candids by Levi

     They really love each other...and the beach. But mostly each other I think.

Photo by Mikayla

     Again, the sunset just touches my soul. Nothing is as beautiful as this.

     We spent time hanging out with my family at the house, spent the evenings outside with a good drink and good company. We went shopping at the antique mall in Pomona, made a fire in the backyard, and shared a lot of smiles, laughs, and made lasting memories. Before we left California, plans were already in the making for our next trip. 

     Thank you for three great months, and one amazing week, California. See you soon.

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