Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Project

     Here I am, sitting in my new apartment. Home. It’s starting to feel like home anyway. I like to call it, "The Project". It’s been a fitting name so far. I’ve always been drawn to more rundown, in need of some TLC homes.

    My husband and I began searching for a new home while I was still in California. After searching Craigslist, we found one to look at, and I kind of fell in love, despite how dingy it looked. Before I knew it, it was ours. It’s a strange feeling to be so far away, and to know that you’re going to go “home” to something so new and unfamiliar….

     The apartment is right down town in Glenwood. The ideal location for most people apartment searching here. It’s in an old Victorian style home, separated in to four apartments, and another one out back. A situation I’ve always wanted to live in. Weird, I know.

      After my husband starting moving in, he sent me pictures to show me “just how bad it was”. And yes, it’s odd, it’s dirty, it’s small, it’s old. But, I kind of love it.

      Thankfully, I was able to spend a lot of time on the internet looking up cheap ways to update, create storage, and make a small space livable. I began to visualize what our new place could look like, despite the previous sad attempts at updating, the slanting floors, and old carpet.

      I immediately clung to the things that appealed to me most; the old brick chimney that is slightly exposed, the original windows, the pedestal sink in the bathroom, the white walls…these are my inspiration for creating home.

     I’ve had this weird thing for a long time about wanting to live in a more rundown place. Not necessarily a fixer-upper situation, but a place that’s livable-rundown...

     I think this desire comes from movies, you know, where the young woman gets her apartment in the city with exposed brick walls, old windows, charm. She finds herself in her home. I don’t know…maybe it’s not a movie. Maybe I’m just odd, haha. Either way, I seemed to have idealized that sort of life, and I feel like I’m finally able to get a taste of that in my small, mountain town. 

     I know this place doesn’t and won’t appeal to the majority of people. Here in America, the newer, the bigger, the better. But for me, I am perfectly content in my shabby palace, with the one I love.

     It's beginning to feel cozy and homey. A place to be comfortable; to come back to and call home.


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  1. Oh, yay! Glad to see photos, Tess. It will be the perfect pallette for your charming touches.