Tuesday, January 6, 2015

DIY Nail Polish Flower Crown

     Can we just take a minute to oooh and aaah over this please? I am quite proud.

     I saw a photo going around Pinterest of this gorgeous little flower crown. And my mind was blown when I realized they were using nail polish to create these beauties! That's right, you heard correctly. Nail polish. So, I decided to give it a try. I unfortunately don't have a tutorial of my own, so I will have a link to the original post below. Here are a few things that I had to deal with while creating these beauties.

     There was a little trial and error here, because the wire for the petals had to be touching to keep the nail polish in this bubble wand like state. And first my wire was too thin and flimsy, and then it was too heavy and hard to shape. Thankfully I have a mandril so it helped with the shaping process, but honestly, a spoon or pencil or any other object with a similar shape will work great! 

     You can see the original tutorial that I found here. I absolutely love their color choices and I hope to make a full flower crown some day. Just to warn you, it is extremely time consuming, but so rewarding when you get to see the final project!

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  1. *Gasp.* So cute! Love that metallic silver and gold.