Friday, December 19, 2014

A Place To Be Me

Here you will find my place to be me. 

     I wouldn't say I am new to the blogging world, but I would say I am new to a more "structured" blogging world which is what I am hoping to be entering. My dream is that this blog will be a place to house my thoughts, my hopes, my dreams. A place to showcase my latest piece of jewelry or something new I read or maybe even a recipe. It might even be a place to share deep thoughts or fears. A journal if you will. My goal is to overcome this road block I have that my words, my story, my creations, aren't "good enough" to share. Basically, whatever may float my little boat on the sea of my life.

A brief history:

   This, is ME. The writer of this blog, and owner of the Forest and Sea Creative Etsy shop (link at the top of the page). My name is Tessa and I am 23 years old, filled to the brim with a desire to love life.
     I am temporarily-permanently living in California, where I was born, due to a loss in the family, and my mom and three siblings making the decision to move back here after 20 years to be close to her mom. This is my second home, and I chose to come along with them to help them get settled, and to be near family in this time of sadness. 

     In my move to California, I left behind my wonderful, handsome husband who strongly encouraged me to take this plunge. He has done nothing but support this crazy idea, and we have been apart for over a month and a half now, only seeing each other over Thanksgiving. I know to some, this may not seem like that long, but you have to realize, the longest we had ever been apart since meeting in July of 2010 was ten days! It's been an adjustment, but it has made the time we get to see each other, Skype, and talk on the phone that much more special.

     I recently (as in the past week) opened my new shop. Like blogging, I am not new to the world of Etsy. I have frequently admired, favorited, and shared the beautiful creations listed there and even opened my own shop a few years ago. The original shop was first called Topsy Turvy Treasures, then turned in to The Clover and The Bee, and finally my new shop which has been dubbed Forest and Sea Creative. Hopefully this one is here to stay!

     I am excited for this new journey; for the time to be able to sit and reflect on life and share with you what I am discovering. 

     Until next time,




  1. Sooo... you went crazy blogging, I'm going to go crazy commenting on all your blog posts! Haha.

    A couple of things.

    1. Love that picture of you.

    2. I am so glad you're blogging! Bookmarked it so I can check in often. :)

    3. So excited for you embarking on this new journey! God will bless you, my friend. May He go before, behind, and beside. <3

    1. Oh gosh, I know. I would have posted them all on one day, because I sat down and wrote most of them in one day! I had to schedule them to post so I didn't look too much like a crazy person! I feel a lot more free to write about whatever now that I have it in my head that it's more of a journal. Before, I felt obligated to write about one topic like what projects I'm working on, and that's really hard to do.