Saturday, December 27, 2014

Food For The Soul

     I have had a lot of free time in the past few months. When I decided to move to California for a few months, I thought I would be able to land a job to fill my time, and that has not been the case. At this point, I've kind of given up on the job search and have chosen to use this time to start my shop, my blog, create, volunteer some time, spend time with family, and read. 

     Here's a look at what I've been reading and will be reading this month. 

     I read The Help again for the second time a couple weeks ago. I loved it more the second time around, and highly recommend it! I think I gained more insight in to what it was like to live during that time, and it sparked some questions to ask my Grandma about her memories of being young during that time. She told me that where she grew up, there were no segregation issues, but she recalls going in to town and other places and being told they had to use a separate drinking fountain and bathroom. 
     A Little Princess was a treasured movie from my childhood. Seriously, it's so cute and sad. Check it out, but be prepared to cry. My Grandma was donating the book to the second hand store, so I snatched it up to read. It's a children's book, so I will excuse the poor writing, but the movie was so much better and that is rarely the case!
     I have one chapter left in Growing Up Amish. This one I also picked up at Grandma's house. It was covered in dust on her bookshelf and thought it could be an interesting read. I have learned some things I didn't know about the Amish community, but overall it wasn't my favorite book. It's a memoir about Ira Wagler and his struggle between being Amish and longing for an "American" life. I kept expecting something exciting to happen, and was sadly disappointed. But the knowledge aspect made it worth the read.

     Next on the list is one of my all time favorite books. I have probably read it 4-5 times. I usually switch back and forth between Pride and Prejudice and Emma every year. Jane Austen is one of my favorite authors. And every year, right before Christmas, I get the urge to pick up one of her books and immerse myself in her beautiful stories. This year is no different.

     This is a fun little addition to any readers collection, The Book Lover's Journal.

     Inside, you'll find a section to journal about your latest read; who the author is, how many pages, rating, and space to write your personal opinions about the book. In the back, there is a section to list books you'd like to read, who recommended it to you, genre, etc. There's also a section to list where you got your book from, books you've borrowed, books you've loaned, and even a section with their recommended list of books. I love this little treasure, because sometimes I forget what I've read or what a book was about, and it's nice to have a place to go back to.

     What are you reading this winter? I hope you're staying warm and cozy!


  1. A post about books. Oh, you know I'm going to have to comment on this one! ;)

    I really, really need to read The Help! And I am going to one of these days! Haha.

    There's this fun "Reading Challenge for 2015" thing that I'm going to try to do this year, and it has about ten categories that are like, "Read a book that's set in the state where you live," "Read a book you loved growing up," and "Read a book that's outside of the genre you normally read." So I'm sure The Help can definitely fit into at least one of those categories! :)

    Will definitely heed your warning about The Little Princess, too. Loooved that movie as a kid and have the book on my shelf, but thinkin' I should probably skip that one now after your review, haha.

    I'm reading "Price of Privilege" right now by Jessica Dotta which is sooo good. It's the last in the series, but I couldn't more highly recommend the books. It's written in an old fashioned style I think you'd really like. Some of the characters remind of some Jane Austen characters, and the overall style is a lot like a Bronte sister. Very Jane Eyre-esque. It can be sad and a little bit hard to get into when you start the first book, but it is so worth it! You should definitely check 'em out if you ever get the opportunity.

    1. Ooo that sounds fun! Where did you see the reading challenge? I definitely want to keep up the reading this year! I will check out that series! It sounds like a good one! Thanks for recommending!

    2. Sure thing! And I pinned it on my "Random" Pinterest board. Otherwise, I think I found it on, underneath the blog category.

      Maybe we could do it together! That'd be fun. :) There was a category called, "Read a book your best friend recommends," so was going to ask you and a few other people for that one anyways. :)

    3. That's a great idea! I'll check out on Pinterest!