Sunday, December 21, 2014

Adventures in Fullerton & Shop Review

      I am 100% all for shopping local. Whilst out adventuring in downtown Fullerton the other day my mom, sister and I stumbled upon a gorgeous little shop called Oh, Hello Friend. Oh, my goodness. 
     The minute we walked through the door we were greeted with tiny trinkets, inspiring paper goods, unique gifts, and craft supplies. Words of affirmation were found in every direction; "You are awesome, loved, wonderful, beautiful, and adored". Beautiful phrases such as that were found on art prints, journals, and even button pins. I couldn't help but feel special upon entering and I made up my mind in that moment that I would be leaving with something. After all, with encouraging phrases about oneself strewn about you can't help but feel you deserve a fun purchase! Maybe that was the point....

     I have been so pleasantly surprised by the prices in the local shops out here in Cali. I had it in my head that they would be so high and I would only be able to sigh wistfully while window shopping. That has not been the case at all! 

     As planned, I did end up leaving with a few tiny treasures, and didn't end up spending more than $20! Score! Christmas came early for this girl.

Oh, Hello Friend  business card, business card holder, button.

Cast iron white whale.

     The shop owner was so sweet and we told her we would be back for more. I later found out that she had a Facebook. I "liked" her shop, and discovered that I was able to get coupons for online and store purchases. Not that I needed more of an excuse to go back! The website (link at the bottom of this post) has a more limited stock, but the aesthetic is equally as pleasing. 

     I had been searching for a store like this that felt like my small home town back in Colorado. And I can definitely say I have found one I love.



  1. How cute! So glad you found your place. :)

    Thank you for sharing! It's always fun to "virtual travel" if you can't do the real thing! ;)

    1. You would have liked it! I wish I had thought to ask to take pictures of the shop. Oh well.