Monday, December 29, 2014

BFF's And A Baby Niece

     Most girls have a BFF. Someone we can be completely ourselves with, and we know that they will love us anyway. For me, that crazy someone is Katelyn. We've been friends since we met on the second day of 3rd grade (precise, I know). That was 15 years ago! I've known her longer than anyone and even though we are now both married and live in different states, I can still say she is my best friend. We don't talk often, or see each other often, but every time we're we're together it's like no time has passed at all. That makes my heart sing!

We are slightly on the special side....

     We have a lot of memories together, and our families became close because of us. We both were home schooled (her family starting a year after us), which allowed us to spend a lot of time with one another. I always remember the time they were studying Egypt, and I got to help them mummify a chicken! Yeah, we home schoolers are awesome!
     She and her family moved to Oregon when we were still kids, and it was devastating to lose my best friend and sister. But we've managed to remain close through the years; I guess you could say we're "kindred spirits" (any Anne of Green Gables fans out there?).

     We had the privilege to be in each others weddings and I wouldn't have wanted anyone else as my maid of honor.

Photo by the wonderful Krystine Lewis. Aspen, Colorado.

     I've gone to visit her in Oregon and she's come to visit me, and we've both had the chance to meet up in sunny California on several occasions. She has a sister that lives here, which makes it the perfect halfway point for us both to see each other. Plus, who wouldn't want to spend some time in the sunshine?
     Fast forward a bit, and she now has an adorable baby girl; my little niece. And like every good aunt, I have every intention of spoiling that little girl. 

     I wasn't able to visit when baby Evelyn was born, but it happened to work out that I am here visiting family and she and her husband were making a trip to visit her husband's family (who also live in California). So I finally got to meet my adorable girl!

Spending some time with her Auntie, and not being still for the photographer.

Best friends, baby niece, and the nerdy husband. I husband.

     We exchanged Christmas gifts (there may have been a lot for the baby), and I've gotta say, this lady knows me well. She gave me a beautiful wooden box that she wood burned a design in, a book about crocheting, and earrings that she thought would give me inspiration for my own jewelry designs.

     Funny side note, crocheting has always intrigued me as well as overwhelmed me, and I just ordered crochet hooks and some yarn to give it a try. And then she gave me a book about crocheting. Perfect coincidence!

     I'm so glad that I got to spend time with this wonderful family, and we will hopefully have a beach day later this week before they return home. I can't wait to use my new treasures, and perhaps make a baby gift with my new crochet skills (fingers crossed!).

     This little family is a treasure in my life and I look forward to watching them grow as a couple, and grow as a family. I love you all!


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    1. Aww! It was so nice to see them. That baby...oh my goodness I love her. I already did love her, but now I love her even more, haha!

  2. You guys are too cute! :) So glad you had fun!