Sunday, December 28, 2014

Catching Dreams

Happy Sunday to you all!

     I've always been intrigued by dream catchers. I don't believe that they really "catch" my dreams, but the delicate nature of them has always spoken to me. Maybe it's that teeny bit of Native American in me. Who knows! 
     Two summers ago, my husband and I took a road trip (check out our travel blog here) and I picked up a tiny dream catcher in Steamboat, Colorado. It sparked my interest once again, and I may have the makings of a new collection's what I've been working on the past few days.

      There is limited work space in my current living situation, so my "studio" happens to be my bed. At least I have a pretty white blanket as a backdrop!

      The lighting was kind of dreamy the morning I snapped these shots too. 

     I spent many days laying out different pieces and looking at dream catchers on Etsy that grabbed my attention. And this is what I ended up with. Simple, unique, bohemian. Perfect!

     It looks slightly misshapen because well, it is. I wanted to use an embroidery hoop as the base, but I was too anxious to start creating to go out and purchase one. So instead, I used a semi-sturdy wire I had lying around, and fashioned a hoop out of it. I then used leather cord to attach the vintage doily I bought from a neighbor's yard sale.

      I bought the duck feathers from Michael's for just a few dollars, the geometric wooden beads for $1 at Wal-Mart, and the beautiful copper wire, I had already. Making my total project under $5. Score!

      I like this dream catcher because of how big it is (10 inches!). Just the right size for catching all my crazy dreams, hehe.

     I made a dream catcher last Christmas for my sister. I believe it's packed away in their storage unit, or I would share it with you all! Here's another one I made last year for myself, and is now listed here, on my Etsy shop

     It's made from the lace of a vintage dress, a vintage button from my great-grandmother's collection, and some other pieces of mine. I would love to host a dream catcher workshop one day. Maybe when I get settled back in Colorado....


  1. Too pretty! <3 I love the smaller one! So pretty and delicate.

    And I'd be up to taking a class! You'd have to be reeally patient though, haha. I'm so bad about figuring out how to tie things and beads and stuff. But hey--if you could teach me, you could teach anyone! Haha.

    Signing off for now, but will be back later to comment some more! ;)

    1. Thanks! I would LOVE to do some kind of workshop when I get home...I think it would be a lot of fun!